#CPA HACK Module 2


In my time of IM journey i have been able to learn alot ranging from sales to product packaging to presentation, pitching and all that you can name. But the most of all that caught me off guard was browsing safely online.
I am tackling this from 2 perspectives.
1. Being tracked by goggle thus you limited to specific time zone offers (geo-location)
2. Being vulnerable to hackers. (cyber security)

Take this case study... i activated my subscribed (paid) vpn service and  logged into one of the sites to check whether my credentials were being leaked online, this is what i found:

Geo Coordinates: -1.2920658999999999, 36.8219462
Location Name: city clock, Parliament Rd, .............(hidden for security purpose)
Languages: English,
Local Time: Wed Jun 14 2017 10:04:00 GMT..........(hidden for security

Software:  Operating System:

 Windows 8.1

Firefox 53.0


Win32, 2 Cores


Download Speed: 2080.48 kbps

Social Media

Facebook: logged in
Google: logged in
Blogger: logged in
Reddit: logged in
Google plus fixed the bug

Auto-Fill Phishing

Misuses your browser's Auto-fill feature to steal your identity.

 Network Scan

Any webpage can scan your local network for devices.
(A malicious website could do that without consent.) 

From the above case study it shows that no vpn network is really able to hide you. This is my remedy and i now work best with free services but i combine lots of strategies.
  1. Always use the incognito window or anonymous browsing/ private browsing.
  2. I nolonger use google chrome as my browser instead i use Mozilla
  3. I changed all my work emails from gmail to yahoo and hotmail
  4. I use Duck n go' as my primary search engine  
  5. I use Ccleaner from piriform to clean my machines/computers


Must have Addons to your browser:

1. Duck n go addon to the mozilla browser
2. I have installed NOSCRIPT addon to prevent all javascript from running and i only allow temporary on specific webpages.
3. Click n Clean mozilla addon for fast clearing of cache and history just with a click

To prevent your browser from leaking your ip and location, use a Webproxy. or Tor though sometimes tor is abit slow because it connects through a chain of onion layers.
To prevent Google GeoLocation API you need to deactivate Javascript in your browser with a browser plugin like NoScript. This also prevents the DEVICE leak, SOFTWARE and CONNECTION leak.
To prevent local IP leak use a DISABLE WEBRTC addon

Some of the free VPN/ proxies that i can always vouch for and are free to use is SOFTETHER VPN and VPNBOOK . 
I get  some of my proxies from www.gatherproxy.com but i scrap them before i use . It is a free service. You can access upto 5000 proxies per day but make sure to clean before use.
Why it is necessary to browse safely is because sometimes as an internet marketer you always have various social media accounts and emails accounts for marketing purposes. In my case i am currently operating 10 Instagram accounts and am making a killing from them. 
Crushing it also in the CPA marketing needs alot of wisdom and creativity, this can only be successful if your tracks are safe or else your accounts will be banned.
 Today as part of my gift package to my fellow CPA marketers, am giving two most precious tools in my arsenal for free
1. Accounts Dominator. - This is a fully functioning bot that you can use to create any account from emails to social media name it all.(Value $850)
2. My second tool is the latest UBOT 5.9.50 full DEVELOPER version. From this you can be able to create your own bots that will help ease work like fb likes, twitter bots, addmefast points, etc. (Value $700)
It will take time for you to learn how to use the softwares but it will be of great help on you Internet Marketing journey  It is hard to manage many social media accounts without help of bots.
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Lets go crush it!