Amazon customer service deserves a five star ratings

A while ago, around five months ago, I had ordered this Lenovo laptop from Amazon. On arrival the laptop looked beautiful on all fronts, and as I unboxed it I thought how much it had exceeded my expectation. Like most Lenovo laptops, the keyboard was spectacular with decent amount of drop and responsive individual keys. Truth be told, my initial intention was buying an Acer I had seen in Costco because I hate waiting for deliveries, but I somehow managed to escape out of that store without buying it. So you understand when I say the view of my order delivered was pure relief and joy. Bottom line, the great design, almost perfect keyboard and thermal solution of the laptop made it an instant option for me and the budget price sealed the deal for me. I loved it with all my heart, but that was short-lived. A few days after the stuttering started. That was barely a week after buying from Amazon. It annoyingly stuttered for 5 to 10 seconds while doing a variety of tasks.

 I would be watchi…