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#CPA HACK Module 2

In my time of IM journey i have been able to learn alot ranging from sales to product packaging to presentation, pitching and all that you can name. But the most of all that caught me off guard was browsing safely online.
I am tackling this from 2 perspectives.
1. Being tracked by goggle thus you limited to specific time zone offers (geo-location)
2. Being vulnerable to hackers. (cyber security)

Take this case study... i activated my subscribed (paid) vpn service and  logged into one of the sites to check whether my credentials were being leaked online, this is what i found:

Geo Coordinates: -1.2920658999999999, 36.8219462
Location Name: city clock, Parliament Rd, .............(hidden for security purpose)
Languages: English,
Local Time: Wed Jun 14 2017 10:04:00 GMT..........(hidden for security
Software:  Operating System: Windows 8.1
Firefox 53.0 HardwareCPU:
Win32, 2 Cores ConnectionDownload Speed: 2080.48 kbps
Social Media Face…

#CPAHACK Module 1

Easy $100-$150 per Day with CPA offers 
 CPA means Cost-Per-Action. You as an affiliate get paid every time a user takes action such as subscribing for an e-mail list, free credit card, free gift cards, free trials and sometimes paid trial.      CPA offers often pay less than affiliate sales; however they are easier to get.  For instance, there is an offer for a “Free Sample of Gatorade” – when you send the visitor to the link provided by the CPA company, the visitor will see their landing page page and if they enter the  e-mail address and click on CONTINUE – you are paid $0.80, many similar offers pay up to $1.75! These offers are often referred to as “One Field Offers” or “E-mail and ZIP Submits”, you get paid anywhere from $0.75 to $1.75 every time someone submits their e-mail or ZIP (postal code). Now, do you think this is easier than trying to make a sale? Heck yeah! The only downside is the low payment – but I think it doesn’t really matter since it is easier to get someone’s e…


CPA KING is blog that gives you access to lots of tutorials and materials on CPA marketing. This includes platforms that allow you to perform specific tasks and be paid for it. CPA stands for Cost-per-action or Cost-per-acquisition. CPA is an online advert payment model which allows advertisers to pay for qualifying actions such as a sale or a registration or something along the lines. These can be the most simplest things like
Completing a surveyBuilding keyword files for relevant phrases Filling out a form Accepting a free trial of something Providing an email address Newsletter Signing   Requirement varies from platform to platform. CPA is an  an alternative method to affiliate marketing. CPA companies have been the easiest platforms to earn living online without any large investment made to it.
Compiled on this website are premium resources from various gurus who are basically making a killing purely from cpas.
I call this blog CPA HACK CODE because of what you are going to learn.…