Amazon customer service deserves a five star ratings

 A while ago, around five months ago, I had ordered this Lenovo laptop from Amazon. On arrival the laptop looked beautiful on all fronts, and as I unboxed it I thought how much it had exceeded my expectation. Like most Lenovo laptops, the keyboard was spectacular with decent amount of drop and responsive individual keys. Truth be told, my initial intention was buying an Acer I had seen in Costco because I hate waiting for deliveries, but I somehow managed to escape out of that store without buying it. So you understand when I say the view of my order delivered was pure relief and joy. Bottom line, the great design, almost perfect keyboard and thermal solution of the laptop made it an instant option for me and the budget price sealed the deal for me. I loved it with all my heart, but that was short-lived. A few days after the stuttering started. That was barely a week after buying from Amazon. It annoyingly stuttered for 5 to 10 seconds while doing a variety of tasks.

 I would be watching a movie, browsing the web, streaming Netflix or gaming then next thing you know, the stutter kicks in. Honestly, that would tick me off so much so I thought of instantly returning it to Amazon. SO, my first instinct was to return the damn thing to Amazon. I hit up their customer care number and explained my problem. I must say the customer care agent was super polite, kind and attentive. He listened to my issue (I was angry and kept on ranting about my problem), but he patiently listened. At last, after doing a few tests as he guided me through, the laptop finally gave in and completely refused to boot.
 That’s the point he asked me to send it in for a replacement. It took about a week to arrive but as I unboxed it for a second time, a gush of satisfaction overwhelmed me again. Nothing beats the outstanding look and feel of a new laptop. And yes this time it worked like a charm. I’m not able to comprehensively describe all the features on this laptop, but the Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY 15.6 review explains it all in much more detail than I ever would get into. The laptop is a powerful machine for gaming and is upgrade friendly if you’re one who enjoys tinkering with the features. I must say my 16 year old son loves it to bits too. He enjoys gaming with it, an aspect only made possible by the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (4GB DDR5). Additionally, the screen brags of an amazing 4K UHD touch display. This above all is my favorite feature as it makes the difference between other laptops I’ve owned in the past. Watching movies on this screen is absolutely remarkable and since the screen achieves decent brightness levels, you can work with it anywhere, even under the sun while outdoors. It tips the scale at 6.1 pounds which by many standards is bulky, but in my experience is just fine for a gaming laptop. I’ve had it now for 3 months and everything seems dandy. So I think I might get another similar unit for my wife this coming Christmas. I hope she’ll love it.